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12.21.2023 | iLevar | Tools

Lighters have often been considered a cheap, disposable necessity. People want to set fires for camping, smoking, or grilling and they want their fires fast. Lighters are bought in large packs and discarded as soon as they are out of fuel. Many people do not think twice about purchasing the cheapest lighter possible, regardless of the long term value that the best plasma lighter can bring. But lately, there has been a significant change in manufacturers’ thinking regarding lighters. There has been a change in peoples thinking too regarding plastic waste, and reusable rather than disposable is the new way forward.

Manufacturers have started to produce high-quality lighters that run off of electricity rather than butane or some other form of fuel. These high-quality lighters have exploded in popularity and are now offered in a variety of different fashions and designs. Picking the best plasma lighter involves deciding on the size, exterior, and approach to lighting that works best for the consumer.

Before we get into the best plasma lighter guide, let’s take a look at ten of the best that we’ve collated together and reviewed for your convenience.



Plasma lighters are a popular product that is produced by a wide array of manufacturers. As a trendy product, it is also one that is subject to shoddy manufacturing practices. Anybody interested in purchasing one of these lighters needs to be careful and make sure that they are made by a reliable company. Lighters purchased online from disreputable sources may not work properly. They may arrive cracked and the company that sold them may not take refunds. As a result, anybody interested in purchasing these lighters should research the manufacturer and the company offering the product. Customers should only buy from established, proven companies that will deliver them a quality product.

Potential consumers should also make sure to figure out what they will need their lighter for before purchasing one. Some lighters are better at lighting bowls or curved surfaces than other lighters. Certain models might have a longer battery life that would be better for long trips. Individuals who want to light grills or start fires may be interested in plasma lighters that have extendable necks or are so long that they never bring the user’s hands too close to the potential flames.


The most common feature of any plasma lighter is the lighting mechanism. These mechanisms come in two clear forms. The first is the arc form. With arcs, lighters create two electrical poles and run current between them. This current creates a small electrical arc made out of plasma. The plasma is hot enough to set most products on fire. It can be created by two or multiple electrodes.

Some brands craft their arcs in interesting patterns that distinguish their products from their competitors. The other most common approach is the red spot. Several lighters have a spot that is connected to a coil. When the button is pressed, the coil creates an arc inside of the mechanism that lights up the spot. The spot then becomes red hot and can light fires just like any other arc.


Another common feature of these lighters is their windproof and splashproof design. Traditional lighters and matches tend to be almost useless on windy days. An inopportune gust can cause the flame to quickly peter out. The same effect happens in a wet situation or during a rainstorm. Plasma does not have these considerations. The mechanism that creates the plasma is tightly housed in a waterproof case. While they cannot be immersed in water, splashes will not cause them to short. In addition, a strong wind will not overwhelm and snuff out the plasma arcs. Plasma arcs create heat in an entirely different process from oxygen-dependent matches or butane lighters. This approach results in a sturdier and more reliable plasma lighter.


Finally, these lighters all have electrical components that set them apart from traditional lighters in terms of safety. They do not require butane fuel and many advertisements stress the possibly harmful side effects of lighter fluid. Butane fuel can easily spark and cause a fire. It can be ingested and cause internal problems or burn the skin. Plasma lighters avoid butane fuel completely and avoid all of the potential health problems associated with that fuel.

They also can be kept for a long period of time unlike disposable lighters. Traditional lighters can eventually leak and harm individuals or the environment if they are not quickly used and then thrown away. An individual may use several disposable lighters per year and the use of those lighters by millions of Americans can easily fill up landfills. Instead, these plasma lighters have batteries inside that can be plugged into any USB outlet. They usually charge in between one to two hours. Their charges are good for dozens of lit candles or cigarettes. Once they do not work anymore, they can be safely discarded at an E-recycling site.

Just in case individuals are worried about coming into contact with electricity, these lighters work at voltages that are not damaging to the average individual. The most that any lighter can harm a person is creating a small sensation of pain and a few red marks that disappear after a short period of time.



Plasma lighters are a helpful upgrade from traditional lighters. They are environmentally friendly, safe to use, and can be cheaper over the long run than traditional lighters. They can also make a statement and impress other people. Anyone interested in buying one of these lighters needs to consider what type of lighting they are interested in and what designs they may want for their lighter. With a few hours of research, potential customers will be able to find the lighter that will suit them best.